Marquette Marketing

Class location

Marquette Senior High School
1203 West Fair Avenue
Marquette, Michigan 49855

Instructors: Christine Columb

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Career Focus

Prepared for immediate employment, advanced certifications, and further education


This Marketing class is the foundational course for all pathways in Marketing Education. Marketing addresses all the ways in which marketing satisfies consumer and business needs for products and services. Students will:

  • Develop an understanding of marketing functions
  • Understand how marketing functions affect all businesses
  • Learn basic marketing concepts
  • Learn the role of marketing in our economy

Develop skills in applying economic concepts to:

  • Marketing
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Marketing information management
  • Finance in marketing
  • Product/service planning
  • Pricing mixes
  • Promotional strategies
  • Personal selling

This class is typically available to students in grades 10 - 12.


Item 1 of 3

“I have designed the logo and menu for the coffee shop that we’re opening up.”

Marah E., Marquette HS
Marketing Student

“This is going to be a really nice place to chill out and each lunch maybe, or chill here before class starts. Definitely take a business class!”

Grace H., Marquette HS
Marketing Student

“We had to do all the things that you would normally have to do when you start a business. The students made all of the decisions.”

Christine Columb, Marquette HS
Marketing Teacher

How to Get Started

High School Credit

Students should inquire within their guidance office about high school curriculum requirements that may be satisfied through a CTE class, as this is determined individually by school district.

College Credit

College credit(s) possible (CLEP Test required)

  • Students have the potential of earning college credits by achieving satisfactory scores on the College Level Examination Program exam (CLEP)
  • Each college reserves the right to set its own credit-granting policy
  • Contact your college(s) to find out the score it requires to grant credit, the number of credit hours granted, and the course(s) that can be bypassed with a satisfactory score

Industry Certification

Marketing is a new class at MSHS and certifications may be available in the future.

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Student describing her class
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Instructors: Christine Columb

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