Superior Central Construction / Bldg Trades

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Superior Central High School
E2865 M-94
Eben Junction, MI 49825

Instructors: Joel Flint

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Career Focus

Prepared for immediate employment, apprenticeship opportunities, advanced certifications, and further education


This class provides a unique opportunity for students to learn carpentry and construction skills by participating in the construction of a variety of projects, including large commercial buildings. Students are prepared for entry-level employment skills in the construction field and for participation in post-secondary construction- related programs such as construction management, construction engineering, and architecture.

Students participate in estimating, layout, foundation and cement work, rough-in carpentry, roofing, wiring, interior wall finishing, exterior finishing and siding, finish carpentry including trim, etc. Students are involved in all phases of residential construction. They are also exposed to blueprint reading as well as math and science concepts as they relate to the construction field. In addition to participating in post high school programs, many graduates of this program work for area contractors or establish themselves as a licensed contractor.

This class is typically available to students in grades 10-12.


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“Most of the time you get to build stuff that you want to build for your house or home. Sometimes we’ll build things for the school and that’s cool because it will be displayed for a long time.”

Ramsey L., Superior Central HS
Construction Technology Student

“We value giving back to the community.”

Joel Flint, Superior Central HS
Construction Technology Teacher

How to Get Started

High School Credit

Students should inquire within their guidance office about high school curriculum requirements that may be satisfied through a CTE class, as this is determined individually by school district.

College Credit

College credit(s) possible

  • Students can earn up to 4 college credits from NMU
  • Students must earn a grade of 90% or better and be recommended by the instructor
  • Each college reserves the right to set its own credit-granting policy
  • Contact your college(s) to find out the score it requires to grant credit, the number of credit hours granted, and the course(s) that can be bypassed with a satisfactory score

NMU courses satisfied:

CN 110 - Construction Processes - NMU Credits Granted 2

CN 156 - Construction Systems & Methods - NMU Credits Granted 2

Industry Certification

Industry-recognized Certification

  • 10-hour OSHA Construction Industry Safety*

*Credentials are nationally recognized, portable and stackable, which means students have the option of attaining more advanced credentials in the future.

Success Story

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Students work on lumber
Students help on playground
Students working concrete
Students learning electrical wiring

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Instructors: Joel Flint

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