Marquette - Alger Technical Middle College (MATMC)

Marquette - Alger Technical Middle College (MATMC) is a a tuition-free program enabling students from Marquette and Alger Counties to earn a high school diploma and a significant number of college credits toward an NMU associate degree or a technical certificate at no cost to students or their families.

Students apply during the second semester of their high school sophomore year. They are required to submit an essay, letters of recommendation and, along with their parents, participate in an interview.

Accepted students enroll in the MATMC prior to their junior year (Grade 11) of high school and take one class at NMU during the second semester of their junior year. Students take a minimum of one NMU class during each semester of their senior year (Grade 12). While enrolled, students will participate in Success Seminars and receive support to prepare them academically and socially with the goal that students are ready for the rigor of a full college course load during Grade 13.

The MATMC was established in July 2014 for all students, from the 4.0 student who needs a challenge to those students who have traditionally been underserved, especially those who are unengaged and at risk of dropping out of high school, economically disadvantaged and first-generation college students.

The program will consider students who are willing to:
• Commit to a three-year program, which includes a mix of high school and college classes in Grades 11 and 12 and a full schedule of college classes at NMU in Grade 13.
• Pursue one of NMU’s associate degrees listed below.

Middle College Health Sciences Academy

          (NMU's Clinical Sciences Associate Degree Programs)  (NMU's School of Nursing)

  •  Clinical Laboratory Technology
  •  Nursing
  •  Radiography
  •  Surgical Technology

Middle College Professional Trades Academy

           (NMU's College of Technology and Occupational Sciences Associate Degree Programs):

  •  Automotive Service Technology
  •  Building Technology
  •  Climate Control Technology - HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)
  •  Hospitality Management (Culinary Arts) (new in 2019)
  •  Industrial Maintenance Technology (ladder up from welding certificate) 

           (NMU's College of Technology and Occupational Sciences Certificate Programs):

  •  Electrical Line Technician (ELT) (new in 2019)

           (NMU's Department of Engineering Technology Associate Degree Programs):

  •  CNC Technology (Machinist) (new in 2019)
  •  Electrical Technology

Middle College Information Technology Academy (new in 2019)

          (NMU's College of Business Associate Degree Programs):

  • Information Assurance and Cyber Defense (Cybersecurity) (new in 2019)

❖ Additional associate degree options may be added in the future in response to industry demand

All middle college graduates will earn the Michigan Early and Middle College Association Certificate

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